A. light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when electrical current passes through it, it is a special kind of diode.
A. LED Lights consume 80-90% less energy when compared to the equivalent incandescent light bulb.
A. Our LED's products are rated to have a 100,000+ hour lifespan, in this same amount of time you will buy over 100 regular incandescent bulbs or 10 compact florescent bulbs!
A. LEDs have no filament or tube to break thus they are very durable.  Even if you happen to drop or mishandle one, you will not be left with a mess of broken or shattered glass.
A. LEDs are the most eco-friendly light source other than pure sunlight. There are no hazardous substances used in the production of LED's. Whereas Compact Florescent Bulbs or CFL bulbs have been touted as a solution to the inefficiencies of incandescent bulbs yet they are all made with mercury, a extremly harmful environmental solution.

A. No, as long as you are using a true green spectrum in small doses during the night cycle your plants will not be harmed

A. Green Hornet LED's are better than a green CFL or incandescent because Green Hornet LED's have a true green spectrum. While A CFL or a incandescent bulbs are coated in green paint, so these style of bulbs are filtering light that is generated as multi-spectrum. Therefore CFL or incandescent bulbs are not "true green" light. It may look green to our eyes, but we perceive light rather than experience it directly the way plants do, and specifically we perceive blends of different colored light as a single color (for example regular sunlight does not look colored to us but run it through a prism and you separate the light into its distinct colors and get a rainbow).

So a green CFL or incandescent party bulb easily could be giving off other colors spectrums that our eyes cant see but could be harmful to our plants.

A. The Green Hornet is bulb is ROHS certified

A. Yes batteries are included, there will be 3 triple AAA’s will be with every head lamp.

A. Yes batteries are included and have a 20-25 hour continues life span.

A. Sorry, you can only buy our products from authorized dealers. Please check our reseller’s page or ask your local retailer to contact us.