Green Hornet Lighting is a Canadian based manufacturer and distributor of high quality LED Lighting products that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. We specialize in providing LED Lights that are direct replacement for the energy wasting incandescent and halogen bulbs and the mercury containing fluorescent lamps and tubes.

The Light-Emitting Diode is a superb man-made lighting source. The LED Light offers a multitude of advantages over all other light sources including lowest energy consumption, longest lifetime, high durability and light without UV rays and heat.
Compact fluorescent lighting has traditionally been the most widely used light source for specification down lighting. Green Hornet Lighting is now setting a new standard for these applications with the Revelation LED family of products. Taking into consideration all of the traditional specification criteria, these luminaries are designed to completely displace compact fluorescent as the source of choice. The Green Hornet LED’s provide flexibility in product selection and years of care-free performance and energy savings.  The Green Hornet line will reduce energy consumption vs. traditional lamp sources by 30-50% and will reduce maintenance costs by providing long lasting lumen life and will also provide excellent illumination where it is needed.